Direct Funeral Services


What We Do

We provide open and honest advice, and straightforward, affordable direct burials or cremations always at the lowest possible cost.

This is done with exemplary levels of funeral service but without the overheads of traditional funeral directors.
We deal with you in a similarly empathetic manner using modern technology to ensure that we serve you as you’d expect.

Our Affordable Direct Funeral Packages

Our direct funeral packages are simple, making them affordable and only include the essential elements of a cremation or burial. By keeping the funeral costs to a minimum this allows us to pass on the savings to you.

Simple Cremations

Direct Cremations

Fully inclusive direct cremations from £999 are for those wanting a straightforward, simple and usually unattended cremation for their loved one.

Direct Burials

Fully inclusive direct burials from £1,975 for a woodland burial in Kent (just outside the M25) or £3,005 for a lawn cemetery in southeast London are for those wanting a straightforward and simple burial for their loved one without all the frills and frippery.

Direct Burials
Prepaid Funeral Plan

Prepaid Funeral Plans

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful and caring things you can do. It has real financial benefits too.

You can view our cheapest funeral cost and download our funeral prices here. Just click the link.

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