Low-Cost Funerals in Kent

Cremations from £999 Woodland burials from £1,975 Cemetery burials from £3,005All are fully inclusive and with no hidden extras.
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Affordable, No Fuss Direct Cremations & Burials in Kent

Are you searching for a low cost, affordable unattended cremation or burial in Kent, allowing you to remember your loved one in the most suitable way for your family? Direct2Grave are here to help you. We offer a hassle-free, dignified burial and cremation services at an affordable price.

Our Kent funeral directors have years of experience and are here to help you at your time of need 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. We are just a phone call away to offer you professional support and advice. Please do not hesitate in calling us.

As we offer totally transparent pricing, with no additional hidden costs, you will have peace of mind and always know the cost of your direct cremation service.

Our Low Cost Kent Direct Funeral Services

We provide simple direct funeral services, which makes them affordable. We only include the essential elements of a cremation or burial. By doing this we are able to keep the funeral costs to a minimum, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

Kent direct cremations

Kent Direct Cremations

Our direct cremation service in Kent are simple and cost-effective. They include:

Please note: If Cremation Forms 4 and 5 are required, which have to be signed by two doctors there is an additional charge of £164.00 (COVID-19 special legislation has temporarily suspended the need for a Cremation Form 5).

Direct Burials in Kent

Fully inclusive direct burials from £1,975 for a woodland burial in Kent (just outside the M25) or £3,005 for a lawn cemetery in southeast London are for those who want a straightforward and simple burial for their loved one without all the frills and frippery.

Direct Burials Kent
Prepaid Funeral Plans Kent

Kent Prepaid Funeral Plans

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful and caring things you can do for your family. It has real financial benefits too.

Areas in Kent We Provide Direct Funeral Services











Eden Park

Elmers End




Foots Cray

Green St Green










Leaves Green


North Cray


Park Langley

Petts Wood


Pratts’s Bottom

Sevenoaks Weald




Slade Green

St Mary Cray


St Paul’s Cray



Swanley Village



Well Hill

West Wickham



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Would you like to learn more about our low cost direct funeral services or purchasing a prepaid funeral plan?

Kent Direct Funeral FAQs

Our direct cremation in Kent is a simple, low cost, yet dignified way to have your loved one cremated without a funeral service or ceremony, allowing you to remember your loved one later in the most suitable way for your family. Should the death not be referred to a coroner there is an additional doctor’s fee for cremation papers.

In Kent this is an affordable, simple cremation without a funeral service or ceremony. Although this is low-cost option in having your loved one cremated, they will still be treated with dignity. There is an additional doctor’s fee for cremation paperwork, should the death not be referred to a coroner.

The simple answer is YES, but at additional cost. We have several partners within or near Kent that allow us to limit the cost of the cremation and provide quality, low-cost, affordable direct cremations with no hidden charges.

Our crematorium partners include:

  • Eltham
  • Beckenham
  • Hither Green
  • Honor Oak
  • Croydon
  • Streatham
  • West Norwood
  • Kemnal Park***
  • and Bluebell ***

***These venues do not cremate on site. For what this might mean to you please ask.

What is the cost in Kent of a direct cremation? Direct cremations from Direct2Grave start from £999. This is one of the most affordable funeral options within the Kent area and is a simple alternative to a traditional funeral service not only saving you money, but allowing you to celebrate the life of your loved one later at a time and in a way that suits you.

Times are changing and today, many people do not want a traditional funeral service or ceremony. A direct cremation is a hassle-free, simple, and affordable way to arrange a cremation. Many of a funeral directors’ services are not required, and using Direct2Grave means that all communication is done either by phone or email allowing further savings.

The term “direct” refers to the body of your loved one being transported directly from the care hospital, hospice, or home to us, where we look after and prepare them for cremation, and then direct to the crematorium.

This removes the need for a funeral home or funeral service, keeping things simple. Yet, this does mean that you cannot pay your respects for the life of your loved one then, it means that you do it later in your own way and at a time that is convenient to you.

A pure cremation, also known as a direct cremation, immediate cremation, simple cremation, a cremation without a funeral service, is a low cost, basic cremation with no attended funeral service or ceremony.
A pure cremation means that the body of your loved one is transported from the home, hospice, hospital or care home to Direct2Grave, where we prepare them for cremation, and then direct to the crematorium.

The cost of a pure cremation in Kent from Direct2Grave start at £999, saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds compared to a traditional cremation service.

The simple answer is YES, you can prepay for a direct cremation with a prepaid funeral plan or policy.
What is a prepaid direct cremation plan? A prepaid direct cremation plan is a simple way to pay for and arrange your funeral in advance. It is an agreement between you and a funeral provider, that they will provide a direct cremation for you when the time comes.