FAQs About Direct Funerals


Do You Have Questions about Direct Funerals?

Shown below are a selection of frequently asked questions about our cheap and affordable direct funeral services, but feel free to call or email us. 

Who are Direct2Grave Cremations & Burials? We are a new company set up purposefully to find a lower cost way of saying goodbye to family and friends. That said, between us the company’s principals have over 75 years experience in the industry, so you really can trust us to know what we are doing.

How much is a no fuss, direct funeral (cremation or burial)? Prices for a direct cremation start from £999 and for a fully inclusive direct woodland burials, prices start from £1,975 or cemetery burials from £3,005.

Full service funerals take an average of 35 hours to arrange and conduct. To do that funeral directors need staff, premises and equipment, all of which costs money. And on top of that there is the cost of the burial or cremation itself together with the service, flowers, printing etc. etc.. 

To keep our costs low our premises are this website, we will deal with you by phone or email only and give you only as much time as needed for the service requested.

In terms of third parties, we have negotiated special rates with preferred partners for unattended funerals. Less popular, and shorter service times help too.

Not presently. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on your behalf in the area we know best, south east London.

We are based in south east London and cover an area inside the M25 from the Thames round to the A23. You can see more about the areas we cover here.

What happens at a direct cremation? There is no ceremony or funeral service with a direct cremation. The body of your loved one is taken from their home, hospital or care home and cremated quickly. There is no embalming undertaken. Nor can family members view or visit their loved one before cremation.

Can you attend a direct funeral? Normally mourners are not permitted to attend a direct funeral as they are either a cremation or burial with no service. However, with Direct2Grave there are options for you to attend, but the savings will not be as great as if you have a burial or cremation with no ceremony and celebrate you loved one’s life separately.

Can I see the deceased? No. This is so that we can keep our costs affordable for you. In most cases hospitals, hospices and nursing homes will allow you time with your loved one.

Maybe. We will use the most cost effective suitably equipped vehicle for the selected service. For example, if you select an unattended cremation or burial then probably not, otherwise either a hearse or a suitably equipped estate car.

What about bearers? We will attend any funeral with an appropriate number of staff for the occasion. For an unattended cremation or burial that might be as low as two whereas for an attended service it might be three or four. Where necessary we will use chapel wheels. And of course, members of the family can help out too.

 Do you stay to the end if we want to be there? No. One of the ways we can help you save money where you have chosen to be present is to bring your loved one to the crematorium and place them on the catafalque, or to the graveside and lower their coffin immediately. After that we leave discretely and leave you to remember your loved one as you choose.

How do I sign documents? All documents will be completed by us during a phone conversation, scanned and sent to you for an electronic signature.

When will I get an invoice? You will be invoiced in a advance of the funeral and, to keep our costs down for you, we require all the services for which we are responsible, whether our charges or those of third parties, to be paid in full seven days in advance of the funeral.

The least expensive option is have them scattered in our preferred partner’s Garden of Remembrance. Equally, if you’d like them returned to you, you can collect them, or for a small additional charge we can, and have them sent to your home address.

What is the difference between cremation and direct cremation? The biggest difference between a direct cremation and a traditional is the time from the death of your loved one to that of being cremated. With a direct cremation, also referred to as a simple cremation, pure cremation, or cremation with no ceremony, as the name implies, the body is taken ‘direct’ to for cremation to the crematorium.

Simple Cremations