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Low Cost Simple Cremation Services in Beckenham from £999

In the event that you are looking for an inexpensive, unattended direct cremation, free from a funeral service in Beckenham, Direct2Grave Cremations & Burials are ready to aid you. We provide a problem-free, dignified cremation service at a budget friendly price.

Our funeral directors possess many years of know-how and are right here, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, to support you at your period of need. Our team are merely a telephone call away to give you specialist support and guidance.

Our staff give you assurance and you will always know the cost of your direct cremation from the start. Our company offer transparent prices with no hidden extras.

Beckenham Direct Cremations

Cremations without a Funeral Service

Our budget direct cremation service throughout Beckenham and nearby areas are simple and affordable. They include:

Please note: If Cremation Forms 4 and 5 are required, which have to be signed by two doctors there is an additional charge of £164.00 (COVID-19 special legislation has temporarily suspended the need for a Cremation Form 5).

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You are able to discover our comprehensive direct funeral fees and costs by simply clicking the web link or download a pdf by clicking on the button shown below. You will receive a detailed break down of our funeral costs.

Beckenham Simple Cremation FAQs

A direct cremation does not include a funeral service. The body of your loved one is collected from their home, hospital or care home and taken to our funeral home where they will be cared for and prepared for the cremation. Collections out of office hours are subject to additional fees. A simple wood effect coffin is supplied. If using one of Direct2Grave’s partner crematorium, these charges are included. Transportation from Direct2Grave to the crematorium. Pallbearers to carry your loved one’s coffin into the crematorium chapel.

A simple cremation in Beckenham start from Direct2Grave start from £999.

All communication and cremation arrangements are done by phone or via email. We are here for you 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

The big difference bewteen a cremation and a direct cremation is that the latter does not inlvove a funeral service and is normally unattended by family and friends. This keeps the cost down. Simple or direct cremations are usually carried out much more quickly.

Our direct cremation in Beckenham is a simple, low cost, yet dignified way to have your loved one cremated without a funeral service or ceremony, allowing you to remember your loved one later in the most suitable way for your family. Should the death not be referred to a coroner there is an additional doctor’s fee for cremation papers.

The simple answer is YES, but at additional cost. We have several partners within or near Beckenham that allow us to limit the cost of the cremation and provide quality, low-cost, affordable direct cremations with no hidden charges.

Our crematorium partners include:

  • Eltham
  • Beckenham
  • Hither Green
  • Honor Oak
  • Croydon
  • Streatham
  • West Norwood
  • Kemnal Park***
  • and Bluebell ***

***These venues do not cremate on site. For what this might mean to you please ask.

Times are changing and today, many people do not want a traditional funeral service or ceremony. A direct cremation is a hassle-free, simple, and affordable way to arrange a cremation. Many of a funeral directors’ services are not required, and using Direct2Grave means that all communication is done either by phone or email allowing further savings.

The term “direct” refers to the body of your loved one being transported directly from the care hospital, hospice, or home to us, where we look after and prepare them for cremation, and then direct to the crematorium.

This removes the need for a funeral home or funeral service, keeping things simple. Yet, this does mean that you cannot pay your respects for the life of your loved one then, it means that you do it later in your own way and at a time that is convenient to you.

Cemeteries and Crematoria near Beckenham

Information about the crematoria and cemeteries  in Beckenham.

Located next to South Norwood Country Park, Beckenham Cemetery and Crematorium covers 44 acres and has peaceful gardens of remembrance with a beautiful waterfall.

Elmers End Road, Beckenham, BR3 4TD

Tel : 0208 658 9495

Website :

With limited grave space, Bromley Hill Cemetery covers 6.5 acres and has a capacity of 6,000 spaces. It has a mixture of full memorial and lawn graves, as well as a memorial garden for the burial of cremated remains.

Bromley Hill, Bromley BR1 4JU

Tel : 01689 853617

Opening times :
April to September 10am-7pm
October to March 10am-4pm

With limited grave space, London Road Cemetery covers 4.8 acres, and is Bromley’s oldest cemetery.

Warner Road, Bromley, BR1 3RR

Tel: 01689 853617

Opening times:
April to September 10am-7pm
October to March 10am-4pm

With limited grave space, Chislehurst Cemetery covers 12.5 acres and has space for 7,000 graves. With full memorial and lawn graves, memorial gardens and a dedicated memorial area for children.

Beaverwood Road, Chislehurst, BR7 6HF

Tel : 01689 853617

Opening times :
April to September 10am-7pm
October to March 10am-4pm

Plaistow Cemetery is full. It covers 4 acres and has a capacity for 4,000 graves, and is Bromley’s second oldest cemetery.

Burnt Ash Lane, Bromley, BR1 5AF

Opening times:
April to September 10am-7pm
October to March 10am-4pm

St Mary Cemetery has avialabilty for burials and memorial benches. It covers 6.5 acres with a capacity for over 5,000 graves. It has a mixture of full memorial and lawn graves. Both consecrated and un-consecrated.

Star Lane, St Mary Cray, Orpington BR5 3PG

Tel : 01689 853617

Opening times:
April to September 10am-7pm
October to March 10am-4pm

With limited grave space, St Lukes Cemetery covers 3 acres and has a capacity for 4,800 graves. It has both full memorial and lawn graves and a memorial garden for burial of cremated remains.

Magpie Hall Lane, Bromley Common, Bromley BR2 8EH

Tel : 01689 853617

Opening times:
April to September 10am-7pm
October to March 10am-4pm

Biggin Hill Cemetery covers 5 acres with a capacity of 3,500 spaces and offers full memorial and lawn graves.

Kingsmead Road, Biggin Hill, Westerham, TN16 3UB

Tel :01689 853617

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