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About Direct2Grave

Facing the current difficulties head on we recognise that a fresh approach to funerals is required. It is not enough to respond to consumer criticism of the sector for high funeral costs by pretending you can do the same as before for less money – you cannot. What is needed is a different approach.

Unlike much of our competition who offer a UK wide service without local premises, knowledge or staff, our funeral services are based firmly in the south east of London, inside the M25 from the Thames to the A23, an area we know inside out to offer you the best possible advice and service.

In conjunction with our preferred partners we can bring you lower costs for both cremations and burials that still allow you some choices in terms of saying goodbye without us there unnecessarily costing you money. You can view our cheapest funeral costs here and download a pdf of our simple funeral prices.

Although we are a new family owned company, and a new concept, our management and staff between them have many, many years’ experience in the funeral sector and recognise the need to meet your needs and to face up to the criticism that some in this industry deserve.

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If you have any questions with regards to our direct to funeral services, please email us or call us on 020 3404 1548